Pallet of Water


The photograph on the right is a pallet of bottled water being shipped to a disaster.

A typical pallet contains about 1,000 litres of water, and weighs  over a tonne.

It costs more than $500 wholesale and then someone has to pay to airfreight it to the disaster area.

A truck is then needed as transport from the airport to the disaster area for distribution.

Disaster Aid  Australia’s GEM Rapid Response pack weighs less than 20 kilos and costs less than $2,500.

It can travel with a member of our Disaster Aid Response Team within their checked baggage allowance.

It can be quickly set up on site with basic tools and start operating, to deliver 5,000 litres of safe drinking water every day.

GEM Rapid Response Kit

One SkyHydrant GEM provides the same amount of drinking water as shipping 5 pallets of water every day. . . . . but the cost is less than the cost of one day of the save volume of bottled water.

The GEM will also continue to filter water for up to 10 years.