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Around the world, we are helping people to obtain fresh drinking water quickly and easily, using our innovative filter technologies. To that end, we have developed UJETA Care – a unique, adaptable and above all inexpensive water treatment concept. Our greatest goal: with what is probably the smallest filter system in the world, we aim to contribute to preventing anyone from dying of thirst or falling ill from life-threatening germs in developing countries, crisis regions and disaster areas, and regions with poor water infrastructure.


Ujeta Care Water Filter System

Ujeta Care water filter system

Ujeta Care water filter system for families or small groups:

  • Low weight, for optimum transport capability
  • Compact and handy format
  • Exceptionally easy to handle
  • Filters all kinds of surface water
  • Best quality drinking water, thanks to micro-filter technology
  • Filters bacteria, viruses, metals, chemicals

Lasts 6 months approx. or 5,000 litres which can be extended by replacement cartridge & filter