ŽIVOT 90 is an NGO based in Prague, Czech Republic, that gives assistance to the elderly throughout the Czech Republic. Today it is appealing for financial support to help the elderly in the midst of COVID-19 crisis. See www.zivot90.cz. Our Rotary club, RCPI, has been supporting ŽIVOT 90 for nearly 20 years.

ŽIVOT 90 appeals for financial support to help the elderly living in isolation in their homes. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, ŽIVOT 90 and Prague City Hall established a Coordination Centre for Crisis Aid to the Elderly. Through the hotline they established, the elderly can ask for help in delivering groceries, medicaments or for a volunteer with whom they can stay in contact for their daily necessities. See www.pomahamepraze.cz. ŽIVOT 90 is appealing for financial support to provide funds for safety aids and equipment so that volunteers can carry their tasks safely and effectively. Please join us in supporting ŽIVOT 90 untiring work in these challenging moments. Disaster Aid Europe, as a project of RC Prague International, is also helping and supporting ŽIVOT 90, so please help us to help them by donating at www.darujme.cz/projekt/1202809.

Helping the elderly