Disaster Aid Europe z.s, a project of Rotary Club Prague International, focuses on helping rebuild communities after disasters (www.disasteraideurope.com​) and is a member of Disaster Aid International a global Rotary initiative. In this project, we will assist Rotary Club Durres, Albania, to help and support the rebuilding of communities severely affected by the 26th​​ November 2019 earthquake – epicentre 20 km from Durres. The proceeds from our fundraising will go towards supporting children – repairing a kindergarten facility – and providing help to elderly and disabled groups. Our initial project is to install a clean water filtration system, the Sky Hydrant Max*, to provide water for drinking and hygiene, so key after the earthquake and now during the COVID-19 pandemic. In early May, Rotary Club Durres and Disaster Aid Europe zs. signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

LATEST NEWS: 11th May 2020: MOU – Memorandum of Understanding signed between Rotary Club Durres and Disaster Aid Europe (a project of RC Prague International). The initial step in the project to help rebuild a kindergarten, after the Nov 2019 earthquake, is to provide and install a water filtration system, Sky Hydrant, to provide clean water (10,000litres per day) for drinking and hygiene. Our DAE Albania Sky Hydrant Appeal is raising 5,000 euros to make this happen.


Fundraising target: 5,000 euros

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