We are looking to recruit people who have a passion for helping those in need as Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) members.

Volunteers will be available for a 2 week overseas deployment each year.

At Disaster Aid Europe (DAE) we focus on the delivery of humanitarian aid to people who have been affected by disasters, including the ongoing disaster of contaminated drinking water.

Run by volunteers, DAE helps people rebuild their lives and provides filters for safe water.

Established 1 year ago DAE was created as a project of the Rotary Club Prague International and is now a small, independent NGO providing aid in developing countries

DAE works in partnership with Disaster Aid International, Rotary International and has partner agreements with organisations in developing countries.

Abilities / Experience:

  • Leadership
  • Able to represent DAE in meetings with in-country government, and other aid providers;
  • Strong negotiation and reporting skills;
  • Capable of managing projects under challenging conditions;
  • Practical with ability to organise people; and
  • Good reporting skills.

You will also be keen to promote the work of DAE sharing your experiences at public events, schools and Rotary Club meetings.

At DAE you will make a real difference to people who need it.

For a detailed Position Description and Application Form contact us at info@disasteraideurope.com.