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Disaster Aid International was originally set up by DA Australia, DA USA, and DA UK & Ireland to encourage like-minded organisations in other countries.

Disaster Aid Europe is now one of the many individual country Disaster Aid organisations around the world.

Other Countries/Regions, with a digital link or contact details, that have Disaster Aid organisations are:

Each country determines which disasters it will respond to.


The Disaster Aid Country Partners each have representatives on the Board of Disaster Aid International which collectively decides on its governance.

Senior Officers of the Board are elected annually and are currently:

Chairman: Pam Joyce (Disaster Aid UK and Ireland): pamjoyce@btinternet.com

Chairman Elect: Brian Ashworth (Disaster Aid Australia): media@disasteraidaustralia.org.au

Chairman Nominee:


Disaster Aid International coordinates the work of its Country Partners to:

  1. Following a decision of one of the country partners to respond to a disaster it coordinates with other country partners.
  2. Increase the awareness of Disaster Aid International and its partners.

Disaster Aid International is actively expanding its country partnerships in order to extend its geographical spread and expertise.

Interested groups within Rotary are encouraged to contact Disaster Aid International if they would like to discuss becoming one of our Country Partners.

What Disaster Aid International does to Help Rebuild Communities