27th April 2022

Disaster Aid Europe Trustees, Irena Brichta and Stuart Amesbury, have picked up from customs the boxes of Sawyer filters and LuminAIDs-solar lamps donated to DAE by Disaster Aid USA. They also have 26 Ujeta Care family water filter systems and 4 Sky Hydrant Rapid Response Gems. They are on their way to Košice and on Thursday 29th to Užhorod Ukraine, to meet Ukrainian Rotarians and hand over these water technologies, clothing and some food.

The response trailer is full! Back in Prague hopefully at the weekend…

29th April, 2022, Ukraine

It took Irena and Stuart 4.5 hours to clear customs on both sides going from Košice to Užhorod!

Lots of trucks indeed, but also dealing with officials and a change in procedures since Stuart and Dave (DAAustralia) came through 2 weeks before. Upon their arrival to Užhorod, they unloaded at RC Užhorod Skála site, where they were welcomed by the President of the Club, Volodymyr Starosta, and the Ukrainian team.

Ukrainians need for clean drinking water is high in all bombed areas. So Ujeta, Sawyer and Sky Hydrant Rapid Response Gems were most appreciated and more are needed…

Incredible work!

11th May 2022

Items brought to Uzhorod Ukraine by DAEurope already sent by RC Uzhorod Skala to RC Kyiv International, who immediately placed photos and text on their website! 

“Filters for drinking water are already in Kyiv , Kharkiv and Nikolaev

Thanks to Disaster Aid Europe (Irena A. Brichta and Stuart Amesbury) for providing filters that allow access to drinking water in remote locations and harsh conditions.

We received customized portable filters and large stationary filters for use in hospitals, shelters and other institutions.

Rotary Club of Mykolaiv, Rotary Club of Kharkiv Multinational and the Ministry of Health will test the water from them to bring even more such useful and convenient devices in the future!..”